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Dear friends!

      You have finished either a secondary school or a vocational school or a technical school or a college, and have received General Certificate of Secondary Education or a diploma of a junior specialist and want to continue your education. You are facing the problem which university to enter, what profession to choose. Among a great variety of options you have to choose the one that would satisfy your interests and preferences, abilities and knowledge would be in demand today and in the future. Furthermore, you have to decide where to get it.

     Applicants who are interested in transport, which is a very vital field of the National economy, and the problems relating to it, are welcome to apply to the prominent in this field educational institution of Ukraine National Transport University, founded on November 7, 1944 as Kyiv Automobile and-Highway Institute (KAHI).

     Four institutes function at the University: the Institute of Correspondence Education and Distance Learning, the Institute of Transport Economics and Business, the Institute of Pre University Training and International Cooperation, the Research Institute of Transport and Construction Technologies. There are four faculties (Automobile Mechanic; Road-Construction; Economics, Management and Law; Transport and Information Technologies), three education and consulting centers in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Kryvyi Rig, Barskyi automobile and highway technical school, Nadvirnyanskyi college, lyceum classes at educational institutions of the Ist level of accreditation and the International Education Center for Information Technologies (IECIT).We have doctoral and candidate of science programs at the university.

     The faculties of our University train full-time students in 18 areas of specialism with professional focus in 24 professions and specializations. I would like to draw your attention to 5 specializations which appeared in 2009. The Institute of Correspondence Education and Distance Learning trains part-time students. The Institute of Transport Economics and Business trains full-time and part-time students and retrains specialists for them to receive a second diploma of higher education. The Institute of Pre- University Training and International Cooperation trains Ukrainians and foreigners for them to enter NTU and trains foreigners in the university specialties.

     The short-term study is foreseen for those who have the education and qualification level of a junior specialist. Those who have received a bachelor degree in the university profile at other institutions of higher education may continue their education at NTU towards specialist or masters degrees.

     The fact that all our graduates have well-paid and interesting jobs in their field of specialization is the proof that our specialties are vital and relevant. A lot of well known industry managers of various levels, experienced lecturers and scientists are among them. Many of our graduates work at the University.

     It is interesting to study with us. The academics of the University are competent and erudite, with many of them having honorable ranks of honored employees and state awards. They are engaged in both research work and teaching. A lot of them are State Prize Laureates of Ukraine in the field of science and technology. We offer good material and technical resources; the studies are conducted in specially equipped training rooms and laboratories, modern computer classes. During work placement students are trained in trades. Students use modern vehicles to learn their construction and to get practical skills.

     With the help and under the guidance of our qualified academics you will get everything you need: deep theoretical knowledge and ability to gain it on your own in order to be up-to-date as well as to think creatively, various practical skills, ability to live and work in a team, to manage people. You will become well-educated and well-bred people.

     The University develops relations with the prominent foreign educational institutions.

     The sporting activities are well organized as the university takes care of the physical growth of students. There is a sports complex with game and gym rooms, a swimming pool, sports rehabilitation stations, a summer sports and health camp. The 18 sports sections function there. A motor sport is very popular. The university team is well known all over Ukraine and abroad. The NTU prize international student motocross is traditionally held. As for entertainment each student may develop his/her abilities in amateur art activities, CFS teams. Merry and interesting parties are regularly held.

     One of the main university tasks is to make the conditions of students life comfortable. Those students who come from other inhabited localities are provided with hostels where they can live and study in good conditions.

     Information on our site will be a guide for you to find out about training and specialist courses, specializations we offer; the role of the chosen profession in the National economy; subjects you will study; and posts you may hold after graduating.

     You may learn the University Entrance Rules and find advice for applicants.

     I wish you well in the choice of your future profession; luck in admission contest and a great success in your studies at our university. Let your dreams come true. Good luck!

Best regards,
Rector of National Transport University


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