National Transport University is a higher educational institution of the IV level of accreditation. The University trains full-time and part-time students for education and qualification level of bachelor, specialist, and master according to the state order, as well as at the expense of individuals and legal entities

      According to the SAC of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of 23 December 2003, minute 48, high status of NTU was approved. The University was again declared as a higher educational institution of the IV level of accreditation.

      There are four institutions at the University:
The Institute of Correspondence Education and Distance Learning,
The Institute of Transport Economics and Business ,
The Institute of Pre University Training and International Cooperation,
The Research Institute of Transport and Construction Technologies.

      According to the education leveled system almost 11 thousand students in 26 specialties and specializations study at four faculties (automobile mechanic; road-construction; economics, management and law; transport and information technologies) and in two institutes (the Institute of Correspondence Education and Distance Learning, the Institute of Transport Economics and Business).

      The Institute of Transport Economics and Business retrains almost 2500 specialists in 10 courses annually; and trains specialists for a second diploma of higher education in every university speciality.

      To provide up-to-date and qualified education the International Education Center for Information Technologies (IECIT) functions at the University. The IECIT key functions : automation and informatization of the University educational and managerial activity and their harmonization to international standards; specialist and applied software development and implementation to improve the work efficiency of the University academic, teaching and management staff; continuous work of software and hardware and data-telecommunication networks of different levels including the Internet access.

      NTU Doctoral Programs train specialists of high qualification. Wide contacts with research institutions of Ukraine and foreign countries contribute to the process.

      The academic and teaching staff of the university is competent and, erudite. 80% of them have academic status and degree. They are engaged into fruitful research work. There are 25 academicians and corresponding members of sectorial and intersectorial academies, 6 Honored Employees in the field of science and technology of Ukraine, 5 Honored Transport Employees of Ukraine, 4 Honored Employees of Education of Ukraine. A lot of lecturers have become the Ukrainian State Prize Laureates in the field of science and technology, among them are: the Rector Dmytrychenko M.F., the First Pro-Rector for Scientific Work Dmytriev M.M., Professors Rasskazov O.O., Belyaevskyi L.S., Piskunov A.S., Baranov G.L., Levkovets P.R., Gulyaev V.I., Papchenko O.M., Dekhtyarov A.S., Dr. Shaposhnikov B.V.

      To meet modern requirements and needs new departments have been established. These are the departments of Management; Transport Systems and Marketing; Economics; Information Systems and Technologies; Finance; Organization of Production ; Manufacturing Systems and Service in Transport , Transport Law, System Analysis and Logistics; Constitutional and Administrative law; Ecology and Safety of Vital Functions. These departments train specialists that will manage National economy under market conditions.

     To support and engage young talented people into further development of transport complex and to enrich intellectual potential of Ukraine the University has expanded its cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign companies and firms.

     In 2005 the agreements between the University and Ukravto corporation and NIKO trust cooperation were signed. By this agreement the specialists for further job at the abovementioned companies shall be trained, the students and the teaching staff of the University shall practice and train at the firms production and technical bases; the University material and technical basis for the training of specialists shall be developed; NTU graduates shall have work placement and be employed there.

     The cooperation between the University and Toyota-Ukraine company is strengthening. Its aim is to organize students technological and pre -graduation practice and to employ graduates there. The agreement makes provision for research activity.

     The abovementioned companies participate in social programs. Thus NIKO trust has granted 10 scholarships to the best NTU students who practice at the firm, Ukravto corporation has granted 5 scholarships.

     Broad research work is conducted at the University. To increase scientific potential efficiency, to engage the scientists in the fulfillment of the topics of national significance the Academic Council of the University has determined research work priority directions. Among them are:
     - Progressive systems and methods of traction-velocity, economic and environmental characteristics of automobiles improvement;
     - Reliability and system effectiveness of automobiles and road machines due to the development and optimization of the methods, models and technologies of their production, repair and maintenance;
     - Vehicles and buildings mechanics;
     - Progressive trends of the development of transport construction in terms of market economy transformations;
     - Rational transport system formation problems and effective functioning of their components in terms of market economy;
     - Modern information technologies and technical support in teaching.

      Integration of science and teaching is gathering momentum at the University. The scientists of the University have creative links with such outstanding scientific institutions of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine as the institutes of: electric welding(named after E.O.Paton); gas; mechanics; material problems; extra strong materials; water general and inorganic chemistry, etc. Nowadays the creative links with the scientific institutions of the Academy receive new content. The agreement for scientific and technical cooperation between E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute and National Transport University is the proof.

     Four Specialized Academic Councils for Doctoral and Candidate of Science dissertations defense function at the University. They guarantee attestation of well qualified scientists.

     Three inter-departmental publications are regularly issued at NTU: Transport Problems, Project Management, System Analysis and Logistics, Hydraulics and Hydraulic Engineering. The collected research works of National Transport University have been published since 1995 and the NTU Herald has been published since 1997.

     The university keeps in touch with similar colleges, research centers of the CIS countries, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, the USA, etc.

     Almost one third of the students participate in research work. The students use the obtained research outcomes in carrying out course and diploma projects. Dozens of students have become winners of different student competitions and contests; they take part in republican scientific conferences. The most gifted of them do Masters Programs and are enlisted to the reserve for the post-graduate study.

     The departments have computer classes. The training rooms and laboratories are equipped with modern testing machines, stands, devices and computing machinery. During their studies and work placement students get qualifications of automobile drivers, road machinery operators, computer operators, etc. The reading halls and library resources satisfy students needs to the full. There is a wide choice of automobiles and road machines at NTU training ground.

     The sporting activities are well organized as the university takes care of students physical growth .There is a sports complex with game and gym rooms, a swimming pool, sports rehabilitation stations, summer sports and health camp. The 18 sports sections function here. Motor sport is very popular. The University team is well known all over Ukraine and abroad. The NTU prize international student motocross is traditionally held.

     As for entertainment each student may develop his abilities in amateur art activities, CFS teams. Funny and interesting parties are regularly held.

     One of the main university tasks is to make the conditions of students life comfortable. Those students who come from other inhabited localities are provided with hostels where they can live and study in good conditions.

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